Chelsita pointed out that it is NaNoWriMo, but there is also no way that I am going to be writing a novel probably ever. But I’d like to start blogging more frequently and with more purpose.

The freelance writing scene is one that I find intriguing and also mysterious because I have no idea how people actually make it that way. In my dream world I would teach to make money to live on, and I would write to make money to travel on.

For now I am teaching for money to live on, and going into even more debt to fund grad school. It’s a start?

Yesterday I decorated sugar skulls with my classes. Frosting por todas partes. So ridiculous. I enlisted kids to help clean up the frosting-encrusted classroom, but when leaving at the end of the day I noticed a trail of green frosting down the hall. I am always super friendly to the custodians because I know they must think oh god what is this woman doing in this room?

With the little ones I chickened out on the whole frosting issue and we just made paper calavera masks instead.

Today I snapped at kids in every class. It’s not you it’s me. (Okay, sometimes it’s you.) But holy crap, I have been bitchy the last few days. I terrified the first graders into quaking silence today, which is definitely something new.

I’m sick of having staredowns with eighth grade boys. This is not a question of power. I don’t give a flying banana that you are a head taller than me. I don’t care if you think Spanish is stupid. I am not here to cater to your adolescent whims. When I tell you to sit down you sit the hell down.

The kids are happier this week because of all the coloring and cutting and putting frosting onto sculptures made of pure sugar (who wouldn’t love that?). I am giving them some authentic cultural lessons (blah blah blah) but feel a bit guilty because face it, I’m just slacking off and letting them frost and color and cut and prance around in skull masks because I am too drained to teach them anything valuable.

This is just a Tuesday, and for some reason Tuesdays just suck recently. Things will be better tomorrow. I keep reminding myself of how fortunate I am.


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