I’ve been working on a website through Weebly, which is a great and very simple way to set up a site for a class or whatever need you might have for a website. I’m especially trying to put together an online page of resources that I can share with students, parents, and other educators. Over the past year and a half, in lieu of actually having curriculum given to me, I’ve put together thousands of pages of materials myself, with the help of the internet and my own Microsoft Office .

Educators are generally proponents of idea theft – grab and use any good idea you see. I’m a big fan of sharing intellectual property in this context.

This also might help create more archives of all the material I’ve collected… I’m more and more paranoid about losing things, after getting my computer stolen along with the last few years of my digital life.

On that note, any insight on what kind of laptop I should buy next? Affordable, functional, probably refurbished? Nothing super fancy, but also not like the dinosaur laptops I’ve had in days of yore? I’d love to get a mac but it all really depends on how much money I get back from the insurance company. I have plenty of time to find something I really want, since I have the use of my school laptop for now.

Hopefully there are enough hyperlinks in this blog to keep you occupied for a while. I’m out.


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