Like a father to impress, like a mother’s mourning dress

The snow has been riding a gradient invisible to wet slush, and back again. (I had that poem taped next to my bed back at my parents’ house and then in several subsequent dorm rooms.) Now there is a light coating outside.

I woke up late today so didn’t get to school as early as I’d like. I try to get here before 7, just to have some time to make copies and organize myself, to the morning soundtrack of kids shuffling past to their homerooms, and the comfortable sputter of my coffeemaker.

(verbo) borbotar, gorgotear.
(sustantivo) borboteo, gorgoteo

I am feeling defeated today, and kids are sharks when it comes to smelling defeat.

Next week I am supposed to turn in my final graduate paper, take a cumulative final exam (covering two entire books and multiple articles), and give a presentation. Progress reports are also due. I kind of want to hit my head on something every time I think about it.

Also I have to do something with these kids. I would love to have them excited and engaged and learning, but days like this I feel like just keeping chaos at a dull roar is optimistic.

On an unrelated note, one of my 1st grade students is telepathic.

Him: Ms. K, I’m a mind reader! I’m gonna read your mind!
Me: Okay, what am I thinking?
Him: Ummm…. you’re thinking… that you want to go home, and… just… lay.

What a perceptive young man!

The upside of exhaustion is that you start to appreciate very minuscule things as luxurious.

Coffee with non-powdered creamer.
Being in the passenger seat.
Waking up in daylight.
Eating meals at a table.
Wine in a glass.
Just… “laying.”

One Response to Like a father to impress, like a mother’s mourning dress

  1. chelsea says:

    i took tomorrow off to just “lay.” i may or may not have the flu. i am trying every at-home prevention i can come up with. i miss you.

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