Nominated for Best Substitute Note

I came back to my classroom after a sick day (also known as a stay-home-and-write-a-40-page-graduate-paper day) to find a note from the sub:

J. took a candy cane away from C. and pretended to rub it on his private area!!!!

Ah, yes. The 8th grade boys.

I found this treasure again while sifting through the daily debris on my desk, preparing to leave for our two-week break. I am beyond ready for this break. Two weeks of sleeping in. Two weeks without raising my voice. Two weeks of adult conversation. Two weeks without anyone molesting people with candy canes. (Well… hopefully.)


2 Responses to Nominated for Best Substitute Note

  1. maggie says:

    haha! and sigh. teenage boys…oye.

  2. annadefenestrated says:

    His private area! Of course. Where else would you rub a stick of candy? Isn’t that kind of gay? And when I say ‘gay’ I mean bad bad bad.

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