Quietly waiting for the catastrophe to seem beautiful again

The last few hours of break are ticking away. It was a very full break.

  • Saw some friends… not everyone I wanted to, but quite a few nonetheless.
  • Spent quality time with el novio and la familia, y la familia del novio…
  • Hung out with my brother for a few days while he stayed with me.
  • Listened to some good local music.
  • Had my digital camera stolen. 😦
  • Read at a poetry reading.
  • Ate good food.
  • Drank good beer… wine… etc… etc.
  • Rang in the new year with good people.
  • Dressed up for fancy dinner parties.
  • Jumped my car a lot.
  • Bummed rides off of other people a lot.
  • Replaced my battery.
  • Got a flat tire.
  • Replaced two tires…

Despite the look of that list, my break wasn’t completely dominated by car troubles… just mostly.

Now I am sitting in my room with very cold hands, putting together lesson plans. I am very determined to start work off right after our 2 week break. I want to be productive, effective, healthy, blah blah blah. I’ve decided that my personal key to success is focusing on small yet determined goals, just a manageable amount at a time. This week I want to teach some fun cultural lessons to get my students psyched about being back to school (yeah, right.) Partially this is a drive to get myself psyched to be teaching again (yeah, right.)

Really, though, it’s working to some extent. Today I went up to the Mexican market up the street and bought Mexican candy and dual-language foodstuffs for some lessons this week, and I’m putting together lessons to teach the kids about the traditions for El día de los reyes. I have all these grandiose ideas about making a king cake, but really I think the little kiddos and I will just leave some letters for los reyes and some food for their camellos, and see what they bring for us the next day. As I learned with the worry dolls, the kids love surprises and theatrics, even if they aren’t completely convinced by the mystery of it all. And the hands-on, emotionally engaging lessons are the ones they remember. (Some kids still ask if we can put some more worries into a box and watch them disappear.)

This video made me smile.

Papa, como se escribe mountain bike? (How do you spell “mountain bike”?)
M…O… C… H… I… L… A. Mountain bike.
(Mochila = backpack.)

Maybe I need to write a letter to the three kings myself.

Queridos reyes magos,

El año todavía es muy joven, pero me he portado bien. Quiero pocas cosas. Me parece que mis deseos son muy razonables. Solo quiero un milagro – el regreso de mi cámara digital con todas mis fotos de la Navidad. Quiero un carro que no muera al lado de la carretera. Quiero practicar y mejorar mi español – es obvio que lo necesito. Quiero éxito para mis estudiantes, para mí como maestra, para mí como estudiante, como persona buena. Quiero felicidad  y salud para mi familia y mis queridos. Quiero guantes porque mis dedos están helados. Quiero sabiduría… paciencia… paz.

Quiero reconocer la diferencia entre las ganas y las imprescindibles.

Quizas necesito dejar los zapatos más grandes a la puerta…

Con cariño,


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