Sing a Song of Snow Days

(that were not.)

Wishing for snow days as a teacher is as much an emotional roller coaster as it is as a child… or at least, so I would imagine. Being homeschooled and all.

Instead of a snow day I got a 2 hour drive home last night, and a careful drive to a sparsely attended school today, mostly hunched in sweaters watching snow scurry around outside the windows.

The three kings came a bit late to the first graders – they didn’t have it together for the holiday itself – and so today we ooohed and ahhhed at the colorful treats that mysteriously appeared in place of their letters. One kid piped up: “I know, I saw them come in here! They were dressed in red robes, and riding camels, and they came in through the window!” Another kid jumped around when he found a red thread and a bit of white fuzz on the floor. “Look, it’s a clue! This is from the kings! This is from his beard! It smells like candy!”

And away the imaginations went. I was a little in awe.

Today moved in jumps and starts. Some things are coming easier. Some things are still baffling me. Days like today any successes or failures in classes as a whole seem eclipsed by the small individual encounters. The ones who still jump up and down when I tell them we’ll be learning some new words today. The 5th graders who stop in before or after classes, to let me know that they’re doing better about controlling tempers. (So am I.) The 6 year old who managed to calm himself down (and stay after class to kick my butt at Uno) instead of his usual balled-fists / chair-throwing / NO-screaming. Small steps for mankind… great leaps for one child.

I’m craving adult conversation, good meaty solid conversation.

But my life is filled to the brim with people people people…. past and present, near and far. I miss you, I’m proud of you, I’m disappointed in you, I’m frustrated with you, I’m in awe of you, I’m confused by you, I love you.

Forgive me, I am Having Emotions. It happens.


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