On edge.

This post has been censored for excessive whining.

I got a chair swung at me by a 1st grader yesterday. I am up to my eyeballs in 5th grader drama. I am trying to fit in time to file all the paperwork and do all the follow-up, meet all the parents, take the necessary steps because A. punched B. in the face because “he was looking at my haircut, and I hate him.”

I need a special ed. degree to teach Spanish, apparently. I need about seven more prep hours. I need paper and supplies. I need to maybe even teach these kids Spanish, sometime. I need to find my classroom keys and USB drive. I need to not lose every item that is not physically connected to my body. (Maybe I need to physically connect all items to my body?) I need another pair of pants because these just ripped…. aaah.

Martes… ¡te odio!


2 Responses to On edge.

  1. chelsea says:

    thinking of you ❤ always

  2. Mama says:

    hang in there!

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