Beginnings, Citrus Fresh

Every day at 6am it’s a welcome miracle that my car starts again, but I don’t have any time to go shop for a new(er) car. I need to just take a day off and do that, but I don’t want to this early in the new semester. Conundrum.

I feel like I’m being spread so thin. I’ve been in a pendulum swing between insomnia and exhaustion. I can’t sleep at night when I should, and so when I do get to sleep my body just guzzles it down. I slept through all my alarms this morning.  I guess this isn’t too mysterious.

This week I have all new classes: Middle schoolers, two 5th grade classes, two 2nd grades, one 1st grade, one kindergarten. I haven’t had any kindergartners all year. Second semester kindergarten is great. They soak up language like tiny and adorable sponges, yet have a better grasp of how to behave in school than they did in the first weepy days of September.

Irony: As I typed that last paragraph, I heard screams and wails and I don’t wannas coming from down the hall. It’s one of my adorable kindergartners.

The first week or so of a semester is usually fairly predictable to plan for. Lots of classroom phrases in Spanish, lots of me llamo‘s, lots of rules, less smiling and more high heels on my part.

I took away an electronic “Gaydar” from a middle schooler today.

Oi vey!

EMU sends out “informational releases” periodically to keep the community up to date on anything vaguely criminal, in direct response to their “oops, we covered up a rape and murder” a few years back. Is it just me, or is this last informational release just all-around ridiculous?

(Maybe it’s just one man’s tribute to the latest viral hit.)


EMU Police Department is reporting a suspicious (ridiculous?) situation that occurred in the Warner Building on January 26, 2010 at approximately 9:45 a.m.  A staff member and students attending a class observed a subject in the hallway loitering.  When the staff member went to approach the subject, it was noticed that the subject’s pants and underwear were down below his knees.  While fleeing the area on foot the subject stated he had a weapon. No weapon was seen and there was no attempt to display a weapon.  There were no injuries during the incident.

The subject was last seen running toward the Parking Structure…


One Response to Beginnings, Citrus Fresh

  1. annadefenestrated says:

    Oh my god, and GROSS. I thought there were locks to the doors on those buildings now? But how effective are they if there’re always people coming and going?

    Also, maybe the weapon this dude had was the one between his legs, and that’s why he ran away. And why don’t we have these incidents in our college of business, which is next to Deja Vu?

    I think they’re just doing the ‘informational release’ to have people think they’d never not disclose another rape and murder. Or to lull people into a false sense of security re: danger.

    What’s an ‘electronic gaydar?’ And good for you.

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