Odes to common things

I called off work today because I have been spending 12+ hour days at work, with conferences and setting up schedules and trying to make my lessons relevant and effective for these new classes. Also because I need to do my homework for graduate class tonight. Also because I just need to sit in daylight and watch the snow and drink coffee and chip through the anxiety bubble I have been floating around in.

I saw this book at John King and fell in love with it. I didn’t buy it, because I was Being Responsible, but someday I will.

Odes to common things

I caved and bought a new camera – to be fair, it was an upgrade that was even cheaper than my old one. A month without a camera was rough for me. I feel ashamed that I am that attached to the ability to look at things around me through a little screen. I am justifying this with Neruda: photos are my Odes to Common Things. Sometimes the big picture – 3-D & realtime – is too much. (Sometimes I just play with the macro setting on my camera.)

Ode to My Daily Scenery

Ode to my School Keys which I Lost and then Found in the Snow Near My Porch

Ode to Really Cheap Scissors

Ode to Dollar Store Baskets

Ode to My Favorite Journal Ever

Ode to Monday Night Beers

Ode to Construction Paper

Ode to Overhead Projectors

Ode to Keeping It Together

Ode to Not Taking Up Smoking

Ode to Clean Dishes

Ode to Staying Late Too Much Last Year

Ode to Light Through Doorways

Ode to Not Falling Down the Stairs

Ode to Things I Should Dust More Often

Ode to Clumsy Hands & a Clumsier Heart

El fin.


3 Responses to Odes to common things

  1. chelsea says:

    ODE TO YOU! I LOVE THIS. you can borrow my book anytime. i wish that was what i had for you tonight.

  2. saracita says:

    Aaaa, it was what you had for me tonight! You’re my hero. 🙂

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