Skills unearthed in the last two years

Yesterday school was terrible, to almost comical proportions. The last-but-not-least fiasco was when I found a turd under a desk during the 1st grade class. Yes. A piece of shit.

Who knew teaching would involve so many bodily fluids & excrement? (“We did,” say elementary school teachers everywhere.)

On the upside I have acquired a lot of talents that I never even realized were lacking.

  • The knack for drawing quick and recognizable line drawings of vocabulary items like food, school supplies, animals
  • The magical power of a Mexican ditty* that heals the invisible ills of budding hypochondriacs (without clearing out the band-aid supply!)
  • The equally mysterious cure of a drink of water (“My leg hurts.” “Go get a drink of water.”)
  • Appropriate timing for preemptive class discussions of the color black (negro)
  • New-found immunity to the tears of the young (c’mon, dry it up, you’re fine)
  • The ability to stretch a ream of paper across weeks by double-side printing, half-sheet-printing, group-sharing…
  • The additional cost-saving power of young imaginations (Today we’re going to make an imaginary burrito!!!)
  • The spontaneous creation of Spanish games, songs, rhymes, and content connections on the spot.
  • How to pare down my sarcasm with the younger crowd, but still outwit the adolescents.

Y aquí empiece el fín de semana… cuando no necesito ningún de estos…

On another note, the other night after class I went over to Chelsea‘s for wine, pets, cute kiddos, and some Spanish bedtime-storying. And Chelsea gave me a copy of Odes to Common Things! Talk about blogging with results…

If you also happen to be a blog fairy in the mood to grant wishes, that’s why I have an utterly shameless Amazon Wish List link over there on the right hand side… 😉


Sana, sana,
colita de rana,
si no sanas hoy,
sanarás mañana.


2 Responses to Skills unearthed in the last two years

  1. saracita says:

    I hadn’t seen it before… it looks good. I have one bilingual book of his poems and then a little tiny book of his love poems that lived in my purse for a long time.

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