A Few Pennsylvania Moments

I went on a winter break roadtrip to visit a much-missed amigo in Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg, PA

Touring the city with some fine gentlemen.

Many theater experiences - inside & out.

A world of chocolate.

Charming shops where it rained teacups.


Cemetery during snowfall.



Long drives.

Some good beer.


3 Responses to A Few Pennsylvania Moments

  1. chelsea says:

    i love your pictures. in fact, i was looking at them last night with my friend kyle who is roommates with someone named adam that you and ashley know. small world. he was asleep, when i was there, though.

  2. annadefenestrated says:

    Love love loved the cemetery pics. How do you get that color? What program do you use to edit?

  3. saracita says:

    I have a new camera, so that helps… the cemetery pictures were basically untouched – just the light you get in late afternoon when it’s snowing in a cemetery. ­čÖé I have my new macbook so I use iPhoto to play around with color settings sometimes. It’s nice because you can copy and paste the settings once you’ve tweaked them for bar-light, snow-light, etc.

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