Cue teaching montage.

Some days need to be fast forwarded through, montage style.

Our protagonist is driving through the dark morning, jamming to some tunes! Drinking some coffee! Spilling some coffee!

Unlocking her classroom! Giving the security guard a high five!

She is swearing quietly at the copy machine, but only enough for comic relief!

Now she’s back in her classroom with a stack of papers hot off the press!

Yelling at middle school students – but you can’t hear her over the soundtrack, thank god!

Getting hugs from primary students!

Maybe a brief shot of shuffling through some papers she needs to grade… oh look, she’s done!

Oh my god, these students are speaking in Spanish and growing up to be kind, compassionate members of the global community!

And here come the credits!

It’s been such a long day already.


3 Responses to Cue teaching montage.

  1. Maureen says:

    LOVE IT!! 🙂 sometimes I play the indiana jones sound track in my mind when I am having a victorious moment… maybe you should do that too… kids learning something “duh duh dhum dum, dun da dun…” It’s exhilarating 🙂

  2. Saracita says:

    Yes… haha. This is one of a few posts that didn’t get published during the school year for some reason, and have been hanging around in draft form. Whoops.

  3. Haha!

    And I wondered why these two all of a sudden showed up. I enjoyed reading them, though. Especially the part about the crying kids 😀

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