los martes del diablo

Unglue my feet from this floor. Need to drive to tutoring. Tired of raising my voice. Tired of the endless parent phone calls that come from actually following through. Tired of teaching a too-full roomful of adolescents who resent being there, dragging them through -ar verbs and subject-verb agreement with a shriveled report card carrot at the end of a stick, because they won’t shut up (I mean, please be quiet?) long enough for us to do anything interesting.  Then the adolescents stampede their way out of my room, leaving me with smoldering frustration / headache / ripped papers under the tables. Followed by tooth-wigglers and snot-strings in 2nd grade, and we just used up all my kleenex. 5th grade drama–the daily edition. It’s only Tuesday, let’s try to get your name moved off of red, okay? If you do that with my markers I promise you will never use my supplies again, kiddo. No, if you want to know how to say glueteous maximus in Spanish you’re going to need to find yourself a dictionary. A kid reiterated several times that he is having the worst birthday ever, so I had the kindergartners sing him a birthday song in Spanish in exchange for one of his chocolate cupcakes. Just as well because I’ve given up on packing lunches. Morning prep time and midday lunchtime are always insufficient. Never prepared or lunched. Always falling short. Cuppa coffee that I pour and sip and reheat and re-sip and reheat and abandon.

But the 2nd graders are blowing me away with their noun-adjective agreement, and the kindergartners are busting out their spontaneous Spanish phrases just when I least expect it.  ¡Más rápido, más rapido! ¡Una persona para cantar! ¡No está aquí! And this eye-prickling feeling of defeat was an everyday occurrence last year. Every hour. Every spare moment I got between nosebleeds from the cold or from fistfights. If these are just Terrible Tuesdays, I’ll take them.  I guess that means things are getting better. I guess things are better? Things are better.


3 Responses to los martes del diablo

  1. chelsea says:

    i will pack you lunches. unless you are referring to lunches packed to feed kids without lunches, which wouldn’t surprise me. either way. i love you.

  2. saracita says:

    Haha, I’ve just learned that I shouldn’t even bother with anything that can’t be eaten at my desk in five-minute intervals, or while the kindergartners are coloring. I tend to survive on a lot of fruit, vegetables, cheese, nuts…

    Speaking of food, thank you for feeding me soup the other night! Delicious. I hope I can see you sometime this weekend.

  3. Anna says:

    I hug you.

    I miss you, so this virtual hug will have to do. On budget travel dot something, I found about cien fotos of doorways and thought of you. Spring is coming to Chicago. I hope you can visit to greet it with me.

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