Wordy wordle words.

Wordle is a cool site that has educational potential, but which isn’t actually getting me very far on this lesson plan I’m writing.

Looking at recent blog posts, I’m apparently whiny but with a decent smorgasbord of vocabulary choices.

Note to self: Need more synonyms for “tired.” Or maybe I just need to be less tired all the time.

Try it.


One Response to Wordy wordle words.

  1. Wendy Kennedy says:

    Synonyms for tired (according to J.I. Rodale ,The Synonym Finder , Warner Books, 1978, p. 1239):

    “fatigued, weary, wearied, worn out, tuckered out, bushed, fagged, fagged out, played out, burned out, wiped out, spent, forspent, exhausted, dead, dead on one’s feet, dead in, ready to drop, drowsy, sleepy, half-asleep, groggy, dopey, drugged, shot, beat, pooped, pooped out, have had it.”

    In other words….teacher. (or parent, too, I might add!)

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