Inching along

Hello, almost-April. I’ve achieved some of my goals already for the year, which is surprising and relieving.

  • get a reliable vehicle
    • It’s fully insured! It has a bumper! It was made in this decade!
  • pay off my credit card debt
    • Though I think it’s cheating to pay it off with student loan money, but still…
  • garden a lot
    • I helped lug around cinderblocks for the raised-bed gardens, so we’re off to a good start…
  • write more seriously
    • I read at another poetry reading
    • I’ve researched some freelance sites, if nothing else
  • learn more about photography
    • I upgraded slightly to a new digital camera?
  • travel: Chicago, Pennsylvania, and/or New Orleans
    • Went to Pennsylvania!
    • Planning on Chicago over break!

“Be a better teacher” and “make a positive impact” are a little more nebulous. Sigh.

Many things to say but too scattered to say them. This is a normal state of mind.

remember remember

(My journal is full of lists like “things you need to figure out” or “things you need to do” or “things to think about this week” or “things to write about when you have time.”)


2 Responses to Inching along

  1. You should add “visit my sister in Kansas City” to that list (you could even help me garden so you’d get to accomplish two of your items at once ) 🙂

  2. Wendy Kennedy says:

    🙂 I’m a list-keeper, too- I especially keep a list of potential poetry titles. Usually it’s a single phrase that comes to mind that gets me started on a poem. I have pages of unwritten poems in that kernel-form!

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