Drove to Chicago (all things go, all things go)

c h i c a g o

I’m sitting at Ipsento Coffee in Chicago… a friend from back in Ypsilanti works here now, and although I missed his shift today, I love the shop.

I took the early bus out to Chicago on Sunday, and am returning this evening. I’ve been staying with Anna Española, who I miss very much and who is one of my heroes. We’ve schlepped around and sipped mimosas on the porch and ate a ton of good food and photographed lions all over the place. I’ve seen a few other Michigan-Chicago transplants, though not as many as I’d like to.

I love Megabus.
Love the El, and really public transportation in general.
Love Mexican breakfast in Logan Square, murals in Pilsen, Spanish por todas partes.
Love Chicago.

Before I came out, Anna asked if I was going to be interviewing anywhere while in the city. Up until she asked that question, this trip was really just a vacation to me. The question made me think, and since that point it has been more of an exploratory “could I live here?” trip than I expected. I’ve been keeping a Michigan vs. Chicago list in my journal over the last few days.

In a year I will have my M.A. in TESOL and 3 years of urban education under my belt. Maybe a stronger resume than the one that CPS ignored two years ago, in my whirlwind of applications all across the country.

We’ll see. No immediate plans. Just musings.

(Anna, these are the songs I was telling you about.)


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