Momentos de un viaje

Megabus! Affordable and comfortable!
(Feel free to pay me for the advertising plug.)

I went to visit this lovely lady.

Good advertising.


Mimosas & wine on the porch on a Sunday afternoon.


Bought some shoes. (Cute little Chicago boutique called Payless.)

Spent a lot of Monday in Pilsen.

The owner of this fiesta found out I teach in Detroit & gave me some free Mexican candy. Score.


Manhole covers in Pilsen.

We got a lot of rain.

Myopic Books in Wicker Park. Loved this place.

La virgen showed up quite a few times on this trip. This time she is celebrating America.


at Ipsento coffee, where a friend works.

Beautiful and mysterious buildings.

Back home.


2 Responses to Momentos de un viaje

  1. d.cous. says:

    That cappuccino looks terrific. Also, all manhole covers should be that cool.

  2. saracita says:

    It was a delicious latte. I loved the manhole covers, but my friend who lives in Pilsen calls them “montezuma” because they get really slippery when it’s wet or icy… gringo killers!

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