Talking about the weather

Tuesday but I am already in Friday mode. Usually I start the week out in heels, clicking around with at least a few inches above the heads of the kiddos, organizing graded homework in binder clips on my desk. By Friday I am wearing whatever is clean and comfortable, the second graders and I are standing (but seldom seeing) eye-to-eye, and papers dribble off my desk into corners. I’m there already today, feet flat on ground and seemingly glued there.

I should be polishing off my big project but it’s sitting at home, and I don’t know if I have the wherewithall to pull it all together here on lunch break.

But it is lovely outside. We’re talking about weather in primary grades. We all pretend to be primavera trees, with little stubby finger-leaves growing out into verano, swooshing around and sprinkling down for otoño, shivery branches in invierno. Even the brilliant grass next to the freeway is enough to make me feel optimistic.

Ms. K, you sure do like to draw trees.

Things blooming in unexpected places.

And in certain faces.

Things pushing in.

Things blooming up.

la mañana

Springtime is the only time I ever like pink.

Vegetables growing, with minimal contributions from me.

la lechuga - how I dream of deliciousness to come!


One Response to Talking about the weather

  1. clicksey says:

    Hey nice blog. I really like the photo in this post with the flower covering the guy’s face 🙂

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