Progress by inches

I just signed up for a brief photography class this Summer at WCCC. I have been thinking and researching options for self-funding hobbies like photography and writing, and I’d like to learn a bit more about photography from experts before I try to market my own things any more.

I also am working (bit by bit) on a portfolio website that encompasses writing/photography/credentials. I feel like I have my foot in too many doors, without being competent enough at one thing (or any thing) to actually be confidant enough to sell my work. The solution, of course, is to actually take the time to go through those doors. One thing at a time. In the immediate future I am going to:

  • order business cards with samples of my photography receive my business cards in the mail
  • take this photography class
  • putter around with the website
  • research printing options
  • keep writing

I also happen to be infinitely lucky enough to have a full-time job doing something else that I am passionate about. I could see myself teaching for the rest of my life, and loving it. I am also going to school part time in order to teach more. So in the in-between spaces the other passions have limited space to grow.

Last week, after staying up until 4am to finish a grad project and then getting up to teach all day and go to class all evening, I was griping to el novio, saying: Someday, someday, I am just going to teach. I’m going to teach all day, and I’m going to come home and do whatever I want, and I’m going to get a good night’s sleep and then get up well-rested and kick ass at teaching some more. No grad school, no private tutoring on nights and weekends… someday I’m going to have free time. He laughed at me and reminded me that I would only find other things to fill up any empty space that I might find.

I am actually living my own dream. Please remind me of this when I start to whine.


2 Responses to Progress by inches

  1. I think this is the prerogative of creative people. So many interests, and only a limited amount of time.

    I can totally relate though, and trying to support yourself and possibly a family with your creative pursuits is tricky, but definitely worth the effort. It made me smile when I read about having a foot in many doors, but not enough competency (or confidence?) to sell your work. Can totally relate.

    Over the last few years, I’ve tried (and partially succeeded) in selling my paintings and wooden folk art, selling my writings (even self-published a book…but I think as of today, I have just barely broken even :), doing spoken word concerts with hubby (also, more fun than funds), and starting a translation business…

    Alas, I also dream of teaching and having more time….only to fill it up again 🙂

  2. saracita says:

    Exactly. I always wish for more time, but I know I just want to fill it up with more creative clutter. I’m okay with that…

    Thanks for reading!!

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