A Very Opportune Break (or, How Twizzlers Drove Me Over The Edge.)

This week was nuts. I think Thursday was a Stellar Terrible Day. I’ve nearly lost count of the referrals I’ve written.

The students tried to warn me. “Oh no, you probably shouldn’t even bother writing her up,” a classmate said to me, about another classmate who had just gotten in my face with a tirade of Who-do-you-think-you-are-Go-ahead-and-call-my-momma-I-don’t-even-care-I-do-whatever-damn-thing-I-want. “You don’t even need to bother. You’re just going to stress yourself out.”

You know what? He was right. I stressed myself out. This is the girl who I wrote up for threatening to kill another teacher on Monday, so I am a bit baffled that she was even in school anymore. All of this was in the thick of a middle school Spanish class which was mostly consumed by what I think we can call the Great Twizzler Showdown.

Middle schoolers handing out candy in my class where there is a strict no-food policy!

Eighth grade boys refusing to put away food and getting written up!

Aforementioned tirade by aforementioned adolescent girl!

A moth flying into my room in the midst of the referral process, causing screams (particularly on the part of certain “tough” adolescent boys) and diving under tables and general pandemonium!

Several dozen calls to the office!

Between the middle school and the 5th grade craziness the last few days, things may get a little peaceful. The brief lull that comes from multiple suspensions is pathetic, but maybe there will be time for teaching instead of just drama-wrangling.

Now I have a long weekend, which I have been dedicating to grown up conversation and good beer. Hopefully that can prop up my sanity enough to deal with another few weeks of similar shenanigans.

I don’t know. I feel defeated. My voice is gone.


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