Misplaced Irrelevance.

Driving Conditions

As for me I am little more than a fire hazard:
sleep alongside wires, dream dry kindling dreams,
fields crisp at the edges, heat lightning in summer,
and in winter almost-daylight where cold air
leaches all the moisture out my eyes.

On Michigan roads I am Michigan weather,
sleet sky dark too early. Crying torrents on the interstate
until the salt films up the windshield,
storms pass, red in the eyes.
All I wanted was to be the passenger,
in no kind of dark,
sunburnt, sky-full,
one foot out of the window –

(Never could make it through those doorways,
never could wait long enough for
keys untangling locks)

And I have been writing the same poem
for several years running.

Imaginary pieces and all–
red earrings, blue stockings,
light unbuttoning itself across collarbones.

Still certain sensory slants
make me want to brush my teeth,
cut my hair,
book transatlantic flights.
Peel myself out of one more skin.


One Response to Misplaced Irrelevance.

  1. Melissa says:

    I love this poem. “light unbuttoning itself across collarbones”- awesome imagery! I love the last bit, too. Are we not constantly peeling ourselves out of yet another skin? It’s a great reminder of our ablilty, and maybe our responsibility, to keep changing. Looking forward to coming back to your blog!

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