Shambling along.

My classroom is mostly in boxes. The bulletin boards have nothing but faded paper and shadowy shapes where posters and cut-outs and word walls were. Picasso and Dali are still on the wall. Today is the last day that kids are in the building; teachers have to be here getting packed up until Friday.

I am feeling in shambles. Something about this time of year usually gives me “the shambles.” I am realizing I am not as adaptable as I’d hoped. I feel very insecure during periods of transition. Luckily my personal life generally waits until my vacations to completely fall apart. I just need it to hold off a little longer.

There’s that whole “free summer” thing, that means that teachers have it so “easy” (or something…. quotation quotation.) I’ve decided to give up on the prospect of finding any summer work, because I don’t think I’m going to have time. Wasn’t summer longer in the good old days? I don’t know. Maybe I just can’t count. I have a lot that I want to get done during my time “off” – which for me is about ten weeks.

  • Take a graduate class. Two more semesters to go!
  • Take photography class.
  • Wrangle up some teaching interviews in case I get bad news about my job in a few weeks.
  • Put together some kickass cultural lessons for next year, regardless of where I’m teaching.
  • Work on portfolio/website.
  • Launch Etsy shop?
  • Put together a list of places to submit writing.
  • Go camping at the dunes!
  • Take a cross-country roadtrip with my sister before she puts on a habit and becomes a Sister.
  • Try to sell some of my smaller jewelry, since I’m comfortably at a 6g right now.
  • Get lots of exercise.
  • Drive as little as possible. (Except for the roadtrips. Whoops.)
  • Dust off the harp and practice for a wedding in Fall.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Do something creative every day.
  • Breathe.

2 Responses to Shambling along.

  1. mrteachbad says:

    Good work. It really is a strange time. It’s odd that it’s regular to have a job where you know you will say good bye to a bunch of friends and colleagues every ten months.

    I hope you have a great summer.

    Mr. Teachbad

  2. maggie says:

    exercise and lists are really important for me too. hang in there friend.

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