Dreams of DSLR cameras dancing in her head…

I had a dream last night about adjusting f-stops on the Nikon D90, which probably indicates the amount of thought and research I’ve put into DSLR shopping.

I’ve been eyeing DSLRs for a while, and figured that I could worry about saving up for one after I pull off the trip to Spain I’m planning on for next summer. Then last month I took a brief but informative class on digital photography, and went on a photo shoot with some professional photographer friends in Detroit. Now, armed with rudimentary technical knowledge and a photography itch, I’m looking at buying one before my trip to Spain – because it would be very logical to buy the snazzy camera before walking across the gorgeous mountains in Europe, right? And what better time to buy one than in summertime, when I have time to muck around with it?

Humor me, please?

I’m already feeling some pangs of guilt at the mere idea of spending that much money on anything. Spending money is a strange sensation to me. Even buying anything new makes me feel guilty. Up until this year I never even bought a pair of shoes that cost more than $20. So if I’m going to spend any money, you know it’s going to be on something geeky.

I have vague ideas tumbling around in my head, which might be just me trying to justify dropping nearly a grand on something frivolous. Photography is something that I am passionate about, but it is always going to be on the back burner in favor of my overall passion in life: being involved positively in the lives of others, which for me has played out as a teaching career, volunteer work with YFU, and so on. I never plan on making a living off of photography – I already am lucky enough to have a passion (teaching) that pays my bills, more or less. But I would love to use any photography skills (and expensive equipment?) that I acquire as a way to donate to charities, for lack of more monetary ways of making an impact.

A quick google search brought up some sites like Photo Philanthropy, which seem to offer a lot of combination travel + photography + volunteerism opportunities. Those combinations might be a good way to spend summertime, since by the time I finish my M.A. next year I will truly have some time “off” during the summer. In the meantime, if I do begin selling any prints, I would like to donate a percentage of any profit to some kind of charity.

We shall see how this pans out.


5 Responses to Dreams of DSLR cameras dancing in her head…

  1. If you have the money for it, than it would be a worthwhile purchase. You really do have an eye for photography and I’m excited to see you developing it even more.

    Oh, and that Photo Philanthropy site is interesting. I remember the mission I went to in Haiti talking about how grateful they were when a professional photographer came to take photos of all the kids who were going to be adopted, to send to their adoptive parents (plus another guy came to make a video of the mission). It seems like there’d be a lot of opportunities for things like that.

    I’ve thought of that before, combining photography with ministry. I’d love to take pictures of inner city kids — particularly the teen girls may struggle with self-image (plus who may not be able to afford senior photos). Plus just practically how it would be good to be able to capture and share images of what we’re doing and the people we’re working with.

  2. Geoff says:

    Spend it, spend it. If you are passionate about it go with your passion.

    Photography is all about recording your memories. Without the camera your memories will fade. You are looking at a very nice camera with the Nikon, go for it.

  3. annadefenestrated says:

    This sounds a little too selfless. It’s a gorgeous camera! Have a ball!
    Also, very like you to make part of the proceeds go to charity. That’s a great marketing point, by the way.

    You could write a guest post on a million different blogs about planning your Camino, the photography you’re going to do, that you’re doing it for a certain charity, and put a link to your etsy page at the end!

  4. Patti says:


    You are a great photographer! A great photographer does need a great camera. Besides you could use it as a way of documenting your teaching days…like Hannah Cous does with her home school adventure. I will send you a link. Are you planning a Camino trip through the Pyrrenes Mts. to Santiago? I have been dreaming about doing something like that. Keep me posted on your plans.

  5. chelsea says:

    a) your blog makes me want to switch to wordpress
    b) that site is awesome
    c) i want to go to spain. sometimes you remind me of the author of eat pray love, in the best way.
    d) i called you yesterday
    e) i love the idea of donating to a charity. i also really like the concept of narrative photography, and with your loves (teaching, inner city, etc.) you could really play that up…almost in a photojournalistic sense, except it would likely have to be anonymous so as not to breech privacy rights for the kids and families…i don’t know. you could illustrate your poetry through photography and make books on shutterfly, or just make little zines…adam mitchell is a good one to talk to about making mini books. you could showcase prints at coffee shops/cafes…
    f) buy it so i can touch it. please. 🙂

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