Far away from home.

I am writing this from the couch of a pretty rad hostel in Memphis. Tomorrow my sister and I drive back to Michigan. It’s been an incredibly full trip – a 12 hour drive to spend two days with my sister and her husband in Kansas City, an 8 hour drive to see my brother for two days here in Memphis, and back North tomorrow.

Things I could tell you about this trip:

  • time with family
  • blueberries
  • humidity!
  • old, old graves
  • cruising across state lines
  • coffeeshops
  • nostalgia
  • religious musings
  • sharing space
  • book-smell/page-turn
  • trollies & buggies
  • the magic of air conditioning
  • poetry under my skin
  • talking to strangers
  • ducks on a red carpet (almost)
  • romantic sunset light
  • the wrong side of the tracks
  • southern draaaawls
  • interactive art
  • urban decay
  • the background noise of my camera

More will be forthcoming, but for now I’ll leave you with a favorite out of the (many) fotos I’ve taken in the past few days:

(My sister and I, leaping into the sunset.)


One Response to Far away from home.

  1. I love the photo :-). And the list. Ducks on a red carpet (almost)? I want to hear the story behind that….

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