A Return to Angsty Sunday Nights

Somehow the last bits of summer break are circling the drain. The last few weeks have been insane, with grad school and long drives and goodbye parties and weddings and general running around. Tomorrow morning I begin two weeks of inservice and preparation before the students arrive. I’m having some mood swings regarding the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year. It will be good to be back in a normal routine, wearing myself out for a good cause, but I’ll miss having time to myself.

All things considered, I fit a lot of relaxation, productivity and adventure into the few months I did have. This is where I get to check things off my list of summer goals. (Yesss!)

  • Take a graduate class.
    Terrible class, but it’s done.
  • Take photography class.
    Done! And it ultimately led me to a new camera…
  • Wrangle up some teaching interviews in case I get bad news about my job in a few weeks.
    Hurray for still having a job.
  • Put together some kickass cultural lessons for next year, regardless of where I’m teaching.
    I’ve had some productive brainstorming sessions with my favorite teacher amiga.
  • Work on portfolio/website.
    Eh, a little.
  • Launch Etsy shop?
    No sales so far, but check it out.
  • Put together a list of places to submit writing.
  • Go camping at the dunes!
  • Take a cross-country roadtrip with my sister before she puts on a habit and becomes a Sister.
  • Try to sell some of my smaller jewelry, since I’m comfortably at a 6g right now.
    Not yet.
  • Get lots of exercise.
    I was going to the gym every day for a while. Let’s hope I keep it up.
  • Drive as little as possible.
    Drove up north twice, and through 7 states. Oops.
  • Dust off the harp and practice for a wedding in Fall.
    Slowly but surely.
  • Get enough sleep, Do something creative every day, Breathe...
    My ability to set specific and measurable
    goals seems to have deteriorated by the end of this list…

2 Responses to A Return to Angsty Sunday Nights

  1. Love your etsy! Added you as a favorite. I started one too with my typography pieces, only sold one so far.

  2. saracita says:

    I added you as a favorite, too – I like your pieces; they remind me a bit of the style of “A Softer World” (http://asofterworld.com) which I very much enjoy.
    No sales here yet either, though some friends & acquaintances have expressed interest.

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