I like what you've done with the place.

(This clutter is in an antique store in Detroit)

I bought a new journal yesterday. Usually I start one at the beginning of every year, but things feel anticipatory and new for me right now. My Jewish and Muslim friends are celebrating their new year, and I am a teacher and in the same transitional place.

I’m sleeping under blankets now, and wearing hoodies. This is my favorite season and my favorite time.

First week of teaching done. My life has resumed its frantic pace, but I feel as though I’ve been having a lot of quiet time. I unplugged myself from the internet this first week as much as possible, just to declutter. I love following the words and pictures of the world but there are so many other things to fill up the in-between spaces instead. I have been getting up very early, staying late at work, reading, knitting, working out, making coffee, spending time with people. I got deathly ill after my first day back in the classroom – some kind of sinus hell and possibly a fever, though I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed enough to check. But I drank some soup and slept for 12 hours straight, and started my second day feeling victorious. Maybe my immune system is beefing itself up.

But when I sneezed 5 times straight, at the beginning of my very first class with my 2nd graders, they all chorused: ¡Salud! I have had this group of kids since Kindergarten. It’s crazy to actually see things carry over from year to year.

Even with a few stints of frustration and despair (how can I be ready for the beginning of the year when we still have no working copiers or printers? why am I still expected to schedule all the middle school electives, with no extra prep time? how can I do my job – my job that I care immensely about – when Spanish is less of an academic subject here and more of just a babysitting break for the “real” teachers?) … I’m mostly able to suck it up. I have a lot of hope for this year.

Time is moving fast. Grad school & Fulbright applications & bridesmaid dress shopping.

Preparando mi clase...

(welcome to my classroom)


4 Responses to Clutter.

  1. I was wondering how your first week went (I meant to call this weekend since I knew you were offline for a bit….but then got sucked into my own lesson planning :-P). I hope your first weeks go well. Does it feel like it’s getting easier every year?

  2. I love this time of year too! Although you sound busy…but I do love hoodie/hot tea weather. Great photograph, too!

  3. saracita says:

    Becca, it definitely gets easier every year. Not easy, but easier. I feel like each year enhances my ability to throw something together at the spur of the moment, if a class is hoisted on me or if my previous plans fail… which is a big part of teaching.

    Dennis, thanks – I am busy, but it’s a good kind of busy. My favorite kind of busy.

  4. I love that top photograph – a really fun, interesting shot. (And it sounds like the somewhat packed nature of the shot is reflected in your life!)

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