inbetweens & underneaths

Last week I shot engagement photos for two couples who are dear friends of mine. Along with some headshots for an aspiring actor amiga, it’s my first foray into any “professional” photography. I don’t ever plan to make a living off of that but I enjoy it on the side. Here’s a few samples, and some other pieces of October for you.

Engagement / Prometidos

Engagement / Prometidos

Engagement / Prometidos

Disappearing Act





In passing

Poetry in Ypsilanti



Of Montreal / Jaenelle Monae

Of Montreal / Jaenelle Monae

Of Montreal / Jaenelle Monae

p.s. – Last three shots are from the Of Montreal and Janelle Monae concert I was fortunate enough to attend. It was a crazy show full of props that were a combination of an elementary school play and somebody’s bizarre nightmares, and pretty much disintegrated into a giant dance party by the end. (Click them links!)


2 Responses to inbetweens & underneaths

  1. They turned out beautiful!

  2. Arika says:

    That one of the person standing on the chair reminds me of Harold and Maude in the beginning when Harold is fake-hanging himself. That might not have been what you were going for, but hey 🙂

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