Digital Silence & Frozen Catalysts

Yesterday I didn’t leave the house. I stayed inside, in my pajamas, watching the snow fall all day (time well spent) and obsessively checking and re-checking weather reports and school closings (time less well spent, since it really just led to a predictable roller coaster of emotion.) My early morning despair at the prospect of shoveling out my car and driving 40 miles was cured by a last-minute Snow Day Phone Call. If you are not a teacher then you probably don’t know how buoyant a delight that is.

I left home fairly early this morning, and I will probably return late, so in some ways this was a normal Monday. But this kind of busyness is a luxury, because I had a snow day and didn’t spend the day in my car and classroom. So many tiny parts of today felt like luxuries: getting up with the sun, wrapping up in layers and layers and taking my backpack and camera on foot to the bus stop, leaving my car buried in snow. Burning my tongue on coffee from styrofoam at the little donut shop near my house, visiting a new Arabic grocery store, shopping for warm winter boots, listening to music on the bus and on the trek across slushy parking lots, ending up here for the last few hours: at a coffeeshop to work on my final grad project, listen to hip hop, drink coffee out of weird mugs instead of styrofoam, and watch the condensation freeze onto the window around little halos of Christmas lights. I needed a day like today.

Break is close enough to taste. My graduate final is caught in my throat. Just a few more days.


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