Playing Dress-Up

Tea & Knitting at the Bar

This is what happens when I try to be social despite illness - Bar night resembles an old folks' home, as I drink tea, knit, and croak uselessly at the young folk..

I’m finally feeling better. Whatever creeping crud I had has just devolved into occasional and uncontrollable coughing fits – so, all in all, an improvement. My voice is mostly back, and I think I’ll be able to teach at normal volumes this week.

I am a little proud of myself, because I went out and partied on Friday night. (This kind of pride is probably an indicator of true lameness.) Most Friday nights I am torn between the overwhelming desire to be social and have grown up conversations after a week of teaching… and the equally overwhelming desire to just go to bed before 9pm. This past Friday, however, I went up to a Masquerade Ball. Although I have lost the obsession with fluffy dresses and pink satin that I possessed when I was very young, I still can get excited about dressing up in fancy clothes.

(I even drank beer instead of tea, this time.)

Yours Truly

Now that I bought it, I just need to find more occasions to wear it...

El Novio

My boyfriend was the creepiest boy at the ball.



Single & Looking for Love?

Many enigmas showed up, ready for romance.


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