Small Spaces Unfolded

the little things

Happy Accidents.

I haven’ t been any less busy, but of late I have been better at making spaces for some things I want in between the things I need. Small steps for mankind, but giant leaps for my sanity:

  • getting to school on time (instead of early)
  • leaving school on time (instead of late)
  • accidentally going to bed early (instead of various social or productive intentions)
  • cooking real meals (instead of miscellaneous breakfast items eaten while standing at the kitchen counter or driving)
  • impromptu Nice Dates where we eat leisurely dinners and take walks in the softening evenings (instead of brief moments of overlapping exhaustion where I am working on grading or falling asleep on the couch)
  • 15-minute desknaps during my prep time (instead of actually prepping, or – worse – reading the news)
  • hot chocolate and journal writing at a coffeeshop (instead of hours of powerpoints, lesson plans, and coffee consumption until my eyeballs  vibrate out of my skull)

The most memorable bits of oasis have been quality time with my family, a solo trip to the DIA for a few blissful hours, and an excursion to watch the full moon with a friend.

Maybe it’s just the advent of Spring. (Sort of. Thanks a lot, Michigan.) I have heard birdsong, I have woken up to thunderstorms, I have driven with the windows down, I have felt the earth squish beneath my feet now that the snow is gone.

It’s hard to be hopeful, but it’s harder not to.




Corner Brewery

Festive feet.

Thrift Store Find

*That is a dress I found at a thrift store for ten bucks, which I am hopefully getting altered for a wedding I am in this Spring. I’ve left it hanging on the outside of my closet door longer than necessary, because the color is so bright and so necessary.


2 Responses to Small Spaces Unfolded

  1. chelsea says:

    your photography makes me so happy.

  2. donal says:

    Love the pictures! Great post.

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