Summer goals:
  • Write every day. Maybe not here, but somewhere.
  • Volunteer. I am running some bilingual story times at a local library, which will be fun.
  • Practicar el español. I need something a little more advanced than said bilingual story times.
  • Take photos. I am hoping to take two more sets of engagement photos and two senior picture sessions, for friends and family.
  • See most of my friends get married off. 
  • Make some money. I’m babysitting for a delightful 6 year old girl this summer. It’s a fun age, especially one at a time, when I’m used to crowds of 6 year olds.
  • Get my car fixed. Carlitos is still dinged up from his encounter with 4am crazyguy.
  • Ditch the car. I want to walk whenever possible, but also I need to find someone to take care of my little Carlitos over the next year.
  • Stay physically active. I’m going to be hiking across some mountains this time next year. I need some músculos to keep up.
  • Go camping with el novio. Hopefully at the dunes again!
  • Organize and pack up my life.
  • Say goodbyes.

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