Making A List & Checking It Sometimes

This is the portion of the show where I pat myself on the back for the goals that I have accomplished this summer…. instead of actually accomplishing what I still need to do (that is, packing.)
√  Write every day. I did a fair amount of writing. Not necessarily here, or for anyone but myself, but that’s okay.
√  Volunteer. I had a good time with the bilingual story times.
Practicar el español. Ehhhh… I didn’t do this enough, despite a few good conversations, some telenovela evenings, and lots of emailing back and forth with España.
√  Take photos. Three sets of senior pictures, one engagement session, and one wedding!
√  See most of my friends get married off. And I’m predicting that several others will be married or engaged or knocked up by the time I get home. (It’s just that time of life.)
√  Make some money. I had pretty awesome summer employment: a combination of babysitting, house & dog sitting, and the aforementioned photography gigs.
√  Get my car fixed. Done!
√  Ditch the car. Also done!
√  Stay physically active. I was going to the gym every day for about a month, and then several times a week for the rest of the summer… and then this month hardly at all, because I don’t have a car and it turns out that I’m lazy.
Go camping with el novio.
√  Organize and pack up my life & say goodbyes. These are still in progress, but they will be done within the week (or else.)

One Response to Making A List & Checking It Sometimes

  1. Patti says:

    I did not get to come to your good-bye party, Sara. I am so sorry to have missed it. I hope we can connect sometime in the next few days. I love you!

    Aunt Patti

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