Finally got my Spanish library card.

12 days into this 365 project, and I’m already struggling to find inspiration or time, especially since I don’t lug around my big camera during the school week. Depending on the day, it’s difficult to either 1) take one decent picture, or 2) choose just one decent picture.

That’s okay. A challenge should be challenging.

I also realized that 2012 has 366 days. You rascal, you.


3 Responses to 12/365

  1. Maureen says:

    I am enjoying this side of the challenge and almost inspired to try it as well… but frankly, I can’t live up to your high standards of photographic awesomeness and a foreign country to boot 🙂

  2. saracita says:

    I feel like it’s almost cheating because even some of the little details of daily life will be interesting to folks back home… which I guess makes it a good thing, because I’ll be forced to notice little interesting things that have already become commonplace for me.

  3. john doe(you know) says:

    i’m confused by two things in this picture. why doesn’t your library card say bibliotecha? have i been lied to by my spanish teachers??? also, they are still using barcodes?

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