Carnaval hits the Esplanada… or more accurately, devours the entire city center.

In Spain, the wide range of costumes is more reminiscent of Halloween in the United States. The streets were full of concerts, plastic cups, singing, drum circles, garbage, and increasingly intoxicated revelers. Group costumes are very popular here, which makes sense after several attempts to meet up with friends. It’s easier to be on the lookout for an entire gang of pirates, or hippies, or firemen.

(In the beginning it was a little difficult to distinguish between the real police force and the multiple groups of policeman costumes. Later it was easier because – I assume – the real police didn’t get trashed.)

I was still a little under the weather, but Carnaval is Carnaval, so I went out for a bit dressed up as a pirate (to match my still-raspy voice.) As it turned out I didn’t even need to drink to fit in with the stumbling masses, because walking around with an eye patch is more difficult than you’d think. And just try doing anything with a hook (albeit a plastic one that cost 1 euro.) I have newfound respect for pirate accessibility concerns.

Also, there’s nothing quite like running into the director of your school at almost 3am after being absent for school for three days straight (due to the pirate voice.) But this is Spain, so no pasa nada – except for stories recounted in the teacher’s lounge later.

Este finde he visto Sara disfrazada de pirata…


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