San Gabriel. Walking between tutoring classes. I just took on my 7th individual student, which gives me a foreboding just-bit-off-more-than-I-should-chew feeling, but which overall will be a good thing.

Somehow it is also very hard to say no here, which is nonsensical because in Spanish and Valencian alike it is the same word.

On that note, today suspicion began to dawn in the 1st grade. After six months of speaking to them in English – even in response to their questions in Spanish or Valencian – the word is going around that I do, indeed, speak some castellano. 

Suspicious 1st grade niño: Hablas castellano, ¿no?

Me: No, I speak English! Not Spanish!

Niño: Di… hola.

Me: Uh… HHHHhhhholaaa?

Niño: No no… sin HHHHH. Hola.

Me: Hola.

Niño: Di… grácias.

Me: Grrrraaaahhh-seeeeee-aaaaahhhhhs.

Niño: No… grácias. (Emphasis on the castellano lisp.)

Me: Gra-thee-ahhs?

Niño: Di… (conspiratorial whisper)… caca.  (Giggle giggle giggle.)

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