The main square in Pompei – the small modern town that is not to be confused with the ruined ancient town directly adjacent.

I took a peaceful and relatively comfortable train from Rome to Naples, and from there another train to Pompei that was neither peaceful nor comfortable. Packed in between a mass of humanity, I was shoved at a precarious angle over the back of a seat, in the midst of a group of Italian friends whose wild gesticulating was entirely stereotypical and very unfortunate since my face was right in the line of the passionate hand-flailing.

I got off the train at the other end of town from my hostel, as it was getting dark. I dragged my suitcase through cobblestone streets, guided by contradictory and varying directions (Go 1 kilometer and turn right. / You must promenade for about 4 kilometers and turn left. / No sé, mas o menos dos kilometers…) Along the way I was trailed by a pack of stray dogs and hit on approximately a thousand times. When I finally wandered my way to my destination, I was hailed by an older Italian gentlemen at a local bar’s patio, who happened to be the hostel’s friendly and talkative owner. At the hostel, I was handed over to the other staff member – another Italian yayo who, for lack of any common language, showed me to my huge empty dorm room via a series of grunts and pointed fingers.

In other words – welcome to the modern Pompei.


4 Responses to 103/365

  1. john doe says:

    I haven’t seen a ton of your pictures, but I have to say, I think this is easily your most techically skilled shot. That is not to say the rest of your photos are unskilled, just that this one really stands out.

  2. saracita says:

    I’m pretty sure I shot this on automatic without bothering to fiddle with settings, and felt disappointed that I didn’t have a wider angle to get more of a sense of the square.

    But thank you, and I’m glad you liked it!

  3. john doe says:

    Cameras have come a long way. I used to shoot with an old manual focus minolta slr and there is no way i could have gotten this picture right. For that matter, just about any lowlight picture was a giant pain in the butt, let alone with multiple lightsources at night.

  4. saracita says:

    Yes – this was with my 50mm lens which is also fantastic in low light.

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