Logroño to Ventosa.

Today’s walk was through lots of vineyards (it is La Rioja, after all), through a peaceful nature area that reminded me of Michigan’s nature trails, and past Marcelino‘s hut. He is a veteran pilgrim, who back in the 80’s helped paint the yellow arrows that help modern pilgrims stay on the trail, especially through areas where highways and industrial areas have made things more confusing and dangerous. Now he still walks the Camino – dressed like a Medieval pilgrim – and in between he waits at the side of the trail in his little hut, handing out snacks, stamps, holy cards, and stories.

I walked alone for a good part of the day, and met up with my boy for a picnic lunch in the ruins of an old pilgrim’s hospital (see above.)

We made it to Ventosa – a tiny town with one private albergue, which was beautiful and peaceful after the crowded and austere facilities in Logroño. A certain man got a raging man cold – but if you are going to be weak and vomity, you might as well do it in a tranquil country haven with a garden and a fountain.


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