Azofra to Grañón.

Today we passed through Santo Domingo de la Calzada – named for the saint who helped develop the infrastructure of the medieval Camino. He also is known for a miracle involving the resurrection of a wrongly hanged young man and a chicken dinner – the latter of which explains the chickens living in the Cathedral.

We didn’t stay in Santo Domingo, however – we continued to the smaller Grañón, to the parochial albergue there. Most parochial albergues have a donativo box for pilgrims to donate what they can, but Grañón takes it one step further and has an open box, reading “take what you need, and give what you can.” This fit with the overall welcoming atmosphere of the albergue – located in the back of the old church, with a large space for communal meals, the most creepily awesome laundry space I’ve seen (pictured above), and sleeping space on floor mats in a chapel below. We had a big dinner and then a candlelit multilingual prayer service in the dark choir loft of the church (again, accessed via a musty passageway from the albergue.)


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