Agés to Burgos.

Today we left Agés and walked through Atapuerta, the site of ongoing archeological excavations investigating the earliest known evidence of humans in Europe. We finished in Burgos – the biggest city on our route. Within the last few kilometers, my last tiny blister on my pinky toe turned into a massive, toe-sized blister, to my dismay.

Waiting in the city, however, was the best meal I’ve ever had. Both of us were almost brought to tears by the thin-cut steak with roquefort sauce, followed by whiskey cake and accompanied by plenty of wine. We staggered out of the restaurant in a happy food coma, and through one of the most enormous and extravagant cathedrals I’ve ever seen – even in this country of enormous and extravagant cathedrals.

Today was also a sad goodbye to the friends we have made along the trail. It’s been nice to walk with people, lose sight of them, meet up with them a few hours or a few days later, and grow a small movable community of international companions. Tomorrow we will take a bus and skip several stages. This means we will arrive to Santiago in time for our flight, which is good, but we will also be leaving behind all the people we met between St. Jean and here.

As an unintentional goodbye gesture at the bar, my boyfriend tried to pay the bill for the two of us and due to language barriers accidentally paid the tab for the entire table. Buen camino, amigos.


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