A friend on a certain social networking site recently posted about her “life in shoes” – the long stretches of time she spent on her feet, or at least in her shoes.

It’s Tuesday, and on Tuesdays I always spend over 13 hours in shoes – pushing a cart from classroom to classroom, dancing or jumping around with kids, running up and down stairs to make copies, balancing my laptop on my knees to do grad homework in the passenger seat on the way to grad school, and a few final hours with my legs crossed uncomfortably in the familiar tiny desks of Alexander hall, where during undergrad I dozed off in Spanish class because I didn’t know how to sleep. Now I’m all grown up and there’s nothing I want more than to go back home and take off my shoes and close my eyes.


5 Responses to 297/365

  1. chelsea says:

    what size shoes do you wear?

  2. chelsea says:

    you should come over. i have two pairs of shoes that i never wear, plus two pairs of knee high vintage boots….

  3. saracita says:

    I really want to see you! I am wasting time updating photos now, but then I need to get big a stack of grading done – any chance you want a productive mug date today or tomorrow?

  4. chelsea says:

    possibly. i’m typing over a stack of open books/notebooks/internet windows and coffee i’m not supposed to be drinking, while grace is under the table playing with my phone and a ukulele while facetiming with clay. point: i have a lot of work to do. also point: so does clay. therefore, escaping my house seems a bit impossible…but at least it’s pretty outside and i’m looking out the window? 🙂 let’s see if we can arrange something.

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