In Waiting

The final weeks of the school year were a frenzy of busy-ness that almost broke me. The “coming up soon” preparations for a looming wedding and an even more immediately looming photo show were competing with a thousand other “right here, right now, or else” things involved in ending a school year.

Now the end of the school year has left me with a sudden stillness that is somehow full of motion. My life is full of preparations.

I feel that I always write the most when I am periods of transition. This is a time of transition, and there is a lot to say. I’m waiting for that space for a breath, where perhaps the words will come out. Right now I am not teaching, and there are spaces, but the spaces are full of many, many other things. I stop to breathe and become paralyzed.

Soon. Soon. Soon.

2013 june 7

2013 june 5

2013 june 6

One Response to In Waiting

  1. Wendy Kennedy says:

    I love you. Your words are…. amazing. What you say, and the spaces in between, are so rich. Thanks for posting.

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