Marking Time

Over the holidays we flew back to Michigan twice. It was very fast… everything moved fast. It was easy to slide smoothly back into familiar places – but not quite. It was cold. We slept in basements, went to bars, held new little people entering the world, hugged people leaving it.

We flew back and abruptly reentered life here. (Crisscross of flight paths, trains, freeways, skyline, port. Cloudy mornings and afternoon sunlight. Tracing the same brief concrete arcs of road. Long days and enough sleep.) It’s my first California winter, which is not what I am used to, but I’ve retained the ability to hibernate. Still listening more than I’m talking, reading more than I’m writing, looking more than capturing, holding onto more than sharing.

markingtime05markingtime01 markingtime02 markingtime03
markingtime11 markingtime12markingtime22markingtime16markingtime15markingtime17 markingtime18 markingtime19markingtime23 markingtime24markingtime10markingtime08markingtime06 markingtime07
markingtime25markingtime31markingtime26 markingtime27 markingtime28 markingtime29 markingtime30markingtime35markingtime34 markingtime36 markingtime37 markingtime38 markingtime39 markingtime40 markingtime41markingtime33


One Response to Marking Time

  1. Kaley says:

    I really like the Christmas lights!

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