Seven Years Treading Water

I just* finished my seventh year of teaching.

I’ve gotten in the habit of taking time each summer to to reflect on the school year. It’s been valuable to look back and see growth in myself. I would encourage any new teacher to journal through their first year (at the very least) just so that later on, when things feel particularly crazy, you can look back on the craziest times to see just how far you’ve come. (That’s also why Educating Esme was an important read during my first years of teaching.)

*Normally I do this before the end of August, but not this year. Still… it’s important to look back, even as I am already looking forward and planning for the coming year.

I’ve been at four different schools now, including my one year in Spain, and the longest I was at one school was three years, so my experience of teaching has been a string of fresh starts. Even within those short stints at each school, being a Specials teacher has also has been an endless cycle of fresh starts and a fair amount of flailing.


Here’s to more than just survival.

This year brought yet another new school, yet another fresh start, and new lessons to learn: Read more of this post


Wordy wordle words.

Wordle is a cool site that has educational potential, but which isn’t actually getting me very far on this lesson plan I’m writing.

Looking at recent blog posts, I’m apparently whiny but with a decent smorgasbord of vocabulary choices.

Note to self: Need more synonyms for “tired.” Or maybe I just need to be less tired all the time.

Try it.

Then again, “He had already run out of the room” seems unnecessarily long.

This morning I called upstairs to another teacher about a student who I sent up to her, and said “He’s on his way; I tried to give him a pass but he already run out the room.”

I hung up the phone and did a double-take. Run out the room? I never say “run out the room.” I know my prepositions and phrasal verbs… believe you me.

Language is such a fascinating thing. It sneaks in around the edges. I catch myself reflecting parents, friends,  favorite books, roommates, students… uh oh.

Hello, world

My blog stats are mystifying me. I guess that’s the point of them. I’m getting random visitors from all over the United States and the world, with some frequent visitors whose locations I can’t place at all.

I’m curious to know who’s in Garden City…. and who’s in France….

Hello strangers. Feel free to say hello. 😉

In other news…

I just found out the reason that I haven’t gotten financial aid yet is that I need one more credit to be considered half-time.

Ergo, I am signed up for a 1 credit weekend Kayak class in March.

Ergo, I should be getting some shiny student loan money soon.

Ergo, I may be taking a beneficial opportunity and buying a new(er) car, since Lucy the Lumina is getting increasingly less reliable…

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